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Artist Interview: Lafa Taylor

L. Vicious: One thing I ask almost every artist I interview is what type of media or music was around growing up? Records, the radio, a piano, daily news, etc?

Lafa Taylor: I was lucky enough to not have a tv in my house until I was about 14, so for entertainment we would listen to tapes on the boombox. My mom had a pretty good selection of reggae, dub and hip hop tapes that I specifically took a liking to.

LV: How did you manage to travel the world years ago as a teenager and what was this portable studio you were able to document it with?

LT: My family got me traveling at an early age, so I have been visiting exotic destinations for as long as I can remember. When I was 18 I brought a lightweight laptop, battery powered mic and midi controller to Costa Rica where I made an album called "Hot Winter" working with local musicians I met along my journey.

LV: You debuted with an album called "Life Music" ...kind of audacious at the age of seventeen, no?

LT: I suppose, but it was natural for me. I always was very ambitious and knew I could do anything I put my mind to. After graduating high school I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life so I did it. Looking back it's not my favorite music but it's still a cool moment in time and is pretty fun to think I put all the pieces together myself.

LV: However, you followed that up w a Def Tech tour that sold out everything and went multiplatinum...intensity at ten cities, live at Budokan? That must've been surreal to say the least?

LT: (Intensity / in 10 cities) I might have to use that lol! It was definitely pretty amazing. Playing Budokan at 21 for around 10,000 screaming fans was definitely a reassuring moment.

LV: With EDM as a norm now in the mainstream, how do you plan on making waves in an ocean of homogenized electronic madness?

LT: My sound has always been different so I'm not too worried about getting swallowed in the ocean, I'm just gonna stay on my surf board and keep hanging ten on these big waves. Shoots!