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  • Written by Lib & Photos by SMKjr

Brother Ali @ Knitting Factory

Brother Ali performed at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory last week and it was a sure fire delivery. He is definitely one of Rhymesayers top dogs and carries himself well onstage. I’ve seen dude a handful of times and he definitely has developed as a person and artist over the years. He has consistently given better and better performances every time he hits the stage.  

He rocks the mic with a refreshing sense of consciousness and I’d like to think it is instilled into the crowd but most people don’t really listen. Hittin’ us with joints from all his works over the years and with passion. Most heads will agree with me that anytime you got an Emcee who can kill it at show with no hype man you got talent. Brother Ali is a master storyteller that keeps the crowd fully engaged. With truly poetic verses and a gospel type performance, you can’t help but feel the emotions spillin’ outta this cat. Not to mention he’s got BK-One on the decks behind him who recently dropped an album with all kinds of dopeness on it. Homeboy closed his set with “Fresh Air” from his latest that lets us all know how content he is with his life at this juncture.  

To end the show, Ali was joined by Fashawn, Poison Pen and Immortal Technique for a little freestyle session. All dudes had some decent rhymes but Immortal Technique was definitely shining in that bout. Followed by Brother Ali with the traditional Zulu Nation   goodbye…Peace! Peace! Peace! Thanks fellas.

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  • Written by SMKjr

Music: Kid Koala

Kid Koala & DJ Sabo at Museum of Natural History's One Step Beyond party.

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Pics: the Duo @ Hghline

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Marc Benevento started with some spaced out madness but once that was over things settled down and played something I recongized.  Russo kept things in line as usual.  It was great seeing them at the Highline; just an excellent venue for that sound style and the duo!

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