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Show Pics

  • Written by S. Clines

Show Pics: Cold Duck Complex (04/29/05)

Once again, the kids from the sticks of Massachusetts known as Cold Duck Complex put on a phenomenal show at Iron Horse in Northampton.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen these cats, but they’ve gotten even tighter in their tunes and Platypus Complex has gotten even smoother with his vocals.  With an arsenal of new songs and their bag of old reliables, CDC kept the night that was started by Outernational flowing at a steady pace.

Platypus’ tactile wit and manic flows kept my attention throughout the show.  Only when he broke into silence did my own thoughts go on rampage as to what sort of vocal spasms I would be spewing if I had the balls to get on stage, but alas, I’ll leave that up to the prose of Platypus Complex and the Trio. 

Guest guitar Alex Shakur, no relation to Tupac that I know of, made a strong impact on many in the crowd.  He’s only sixteen and he’s already at a caliber up there with Jimi Hendrix as one of the people in the crowd had said to me.  His excitement and ability could be felt through each note that he played.

 The sound was incredible at the venue.  Many props the sound engineer.  It’s not that often that I go to a hip-hop show and can hear and understand the words that are being spat, but this Friday night was one of those rare occasions where that stars, planets, and moons must have been all aligned perfectly because everything was hitting just fine.

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  • Written by L. Vicious

Show Pics: DJ DB (04/29/05)

Mission Fridays began last night with Aliens at Home, followed by DJ Drama, and closing the night was the drum and bass classic DJ DB, head of the Breakbeat Science crew.

Aliens at Home is two kids who throw down digitally utilizing laptops to keep the sound loaded with surprises, rockin' the livetronica tip with intensity. They were a little erratic at times but still interesting to watch.

Image Following the Aliens was DJ Drama who spun cheesy breaks with a bit of hip-hop here and there. I was disappointed due to the fact that my buddy hyped him all up so I had high expectations but hey…ya know.

Finally the drum and bass legend DB took control of the decks and killed it with a smooth ass set. As the head of BreakBeat Science my man has one of the illest teams of jungle producers and DJs in America . There is no doubt this guy is a pioneer and has been a big part of Drum and Bass that continues to keep it fresh.

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