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  • Written by smkjr

The 5th Pocket and New Deal Show

ImageThe 5th Pocket will be opening for the New Deal at UMASS Amherst. The shows details are as follows...UMASS Student Union Ballroom T5P plays at 8:30 and TND plays 90 minutes at 10pm. Show is open to the public. $6 UMass Students / $12 Five Colleges Students / $16 General Public. Be sure to check out The 5th Pocket if you have yet to get a chance. T5P is comprised of Cory (bass), Hugh (Guitar), Troy (Percussion), Hodges (Drums), and Brian (Keyboards). Check out www.the5thpocket.com for details.

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  • Written by smkjr

Human Orchestra

Image In April of 2004 I recently saw Squarepusher in Boston and I was presently surprised by the opening act, a beat box artist by the name Kenny Muhammad, aka The Human Orchestra. Don't get me wrong Squarepusher was out of control but I was ready for that but I had no expectations and Kenny was extrememly impressive. Kenny had quite an elaborate collection of beats i his arsenal. My personal favorite is the microphone on to the throat technique, that underwater kind of sound. If anyone gets a chance to see The Human Orchestra I would definitely recommend it. I saw him again and we had a chance to talk for a few minutes. Take a look at the CD he hooked me up with.