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Reggie Watts @ Public Assembly

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About 30 minutes before he's set to take the stage, Reggie Watts saunters into Public Assembly in Brooklyn, with his folding bicycle and a small gym bag, presumably holding his loop pedal and small mixing console. He sets up his own gear on stage, does a few mic checks, says hello, all casually and un-assuming, and then BAM, he smacks you in the face with his insanely creative... what is it? Rap? Music? Comedy? Art?

Whatever it is, Watts does it well, and makes it all seem so easy. I'm not sure if the songs we heard that night were original or if he made them up on the spot, but he sure makes it seem like improvisation. No two songs are alike, in genre or tempo or mood. One song he's playing the keyboard, slur-singing words that don't make sense, the next minute he's doing stand-up with an English accent.

Comedian, musician, or whatever you call him, one thing is for sure: Reggie Watts is a renaissance man.

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