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Graffiti/Street Art

  • Written by SMKjr

Welcome to Detroit: Day 1

Back in mid-May I was looking for someone to go to Detriot with... luckily for me, I got hooked up with IntoSpaces, Breakthings, CarnageNYC, and HarshTruthOfTheCameraEye for a run through the streets of Detroit.

Here are pictures from Day 1, which include our trip to the Brewster Houses and spots in and around our spot at the Corktown Inn. You can expect work from DROID907, Amanda Wong, MSK crew (Revok, Rime, Vizie, Omens, Trav, Risk, Gyspy, NEKST, Norm, Reyes, Steel, Sever, Pose), Jukebox Cowboys (Flying Fortress, Nychos), NFS, Kuma, False, Mince, Pear, Rusle, Pemex, Katsu, Optimist, Toro, Kiro, Elmer, and Gasm.

Carnagenyc compiled our photos for a "Welcome to Detriot" Zine and it is availbe for sale now. Contact any of the photographers above for availability. Check back for photos for Days 2 and 3 of our trip.

View the embedded image gallery online at:
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Living by Bushwick Collective: Vol I

A few months back I moved near The Bushwick Collective, former Bushwick 5 Points (the name change was a good call). Everyday I walk home and see someone new working on something, not so bad, still miss the old block on McKibben and Morgan but this block is giving them a run for the money. I've come across Col/Wallnuts, Sonni, Beau Stanton, Fumero, Nard, Chris Mode, Solus and according to yesterday's conversation with Rubin415, expect a new piece from him in the next day or two. I the meantime, here are a few of some recent work at the Bushwick Collective.

[flickr photo=8739999012]

Click on to see Fumero, Solus, Sonni, TooFly and Beau Stanton shots

Read more: Living by Bushwick Collective: Vol I

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Video: Chat w/ Futura

An excellent video on Futura and his growth from back in the day.

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The Detroit Beautification Project – Chapter 1

Revok is the man; his conversation with some Detriot Cop "...I'm ignorant, you know what...I think you are fucking ignorant...you are just a fucking idiot with a badge...just because you have a badge doesn't make you smart..."

So far The project has included Revok, Wane, Pose, Ces, Dmote, Nekst, Askew, Tristan Eaton, Sever, Zes, Vizie, Omens, Steel, Reyes, Risk and Don’t.