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Living by Bushwick Collective: Vol I

A few months back I moved near The Bushwick Collective, former Bushwick 5 Points (the name change was a good call). Everyday I walk home and see someone new working on something, not so bad, still miss the old block on McKibben and Morgan but this block is giving them a run for the money. I've come across Col/Wallnuts, Sonni, Beau Stanton, Fumero, Nard, Chris Mode, Solus and according to yesterday's conversation with Rubin415, expect a new piece from him in the next day or two. I the meantime, here are a few of some recent work at the Bushwick Collective.

[flickr photo=8739999012]

Click on to see Fumero, Solus, Sonni, TooFly and Beau Stanton shots

[flickr photo=8745701874]

[flickr photo=8742880322]

[flickr photo=8739887400]

[flickr photo=8738765757]

[flickr photo=8738157331]
    Beau Stanton

[flickr photo=8736903478]

June 2nd is the block party for the Bushwick Collective. If you are into art, music, and food, may be stop on by.